Like sharpened knives through Chicken McNuggets


Who at ESPN thought it would be a good idea to end Pardon the Interruption in the middle of SportsCenter?

If you want to retain viewers, extend PTI a coupla minutes into SportsCenter or vice versa.

Fortunately, the satellite portion is mostly filler.

I learned from SportsCenter that Ismay, Montana's smallest town (population: 26), renamed itself "Joe."

I think the city of Spokane would benefit from renaming itself "Denzel."

"Denzel International Airport."

"The Denzelman-Review"

"WSU Denzel."

I'd actually consider visiting "Denzel."

Okay, not really.

Poor Max Kellerman. He went from hosting a talk show that many people watched to hosting a talk show that a few people watched to contributing to The Situation with Tucker Carlson.

It's been a while since I've seen (in cinema or on television) someone spy on houseguests through the eyes of a painted portrait.

Another thing I haven't seen in a while is a guy with a rat tail.

I remember Derek on Bobby's World had a rat tail and he reminded me of Brad on Home Improvement, so I tend to associate rat tails with Zachary Ty Bryan.

However, while Brad Taylor sported some awesomely bad 'dos over the course of eight years, he never had a rat tail.

My favorite Brad hair-tastrophe was "the garlic bulb."

In season five, he got a haircut (as part of the storyline!) that made him look like a blond Pebbles Flintstone. His head thus resembled a bulb of garlic.

I maintain that the best episode of Home Improvement is the one in which Tim showcases "the man's kitchen."

I literally wore out my tape of it.

"The man's bedroom"? Not so good…

Dear Animal Planet:
I'm not sure it's possible to experience a wildlife biologist. Hendrix, yes. Jeff Corwin…eh. He's more of an excursion.