This place is a prison

77 Pearl Jam songs? Consecutively? Does The End want people to listen to KEXP?

I kinda feel sorry for citizens of Seattle.

Not only does the city's "-ist" site sound like a drug for erectile dysfunction, but Seattle is also eternally bound to the travesty that was grunge music.

I can barely tolerate the preposterous amount of Nirvana that Bay Area radio stations play, let alone this:

Yes, they were influential, but so was smallpox.

I hate teen spirit.
I hate Jeremy.
I hate black days and black hole suns.
I hate the rooster and the man in the box.
I hate every single version of "Polly."
I hate self-important live bootlegs.
I hate white men named "Kim."
But above all, I'd hate to live among people who still celebrate this shit.

Despite the ascension of Death Cab and Modest Mouse, there are, apparently, those in the Puget Sound who beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.

And, like Jay Gatsby, they ought to be shot dead.