The Analrapist

THIRTEEN (FOX) – "24" creators Joel Surnow and Bob Cochran have received a commitment for a new serialized drama that takes a film noirish look at a contemporary investigator looking into a kidnapping in Los Angeles. Each season will unfold over a 13-episode arc.

"Is it a boy or a girl, Joel?"
"A girl. Marta's baking a sister for One."
"Have you guys decided on a name yet?"
"Yup. We're gonna name her 'Two.'"

I saw a little boy at a playground with some friends.

He was dressed as The Flash.

No one else was in costume.

"Meat on top of meat on top of meat."

Anyone else nauseated by Burger King's Meat'Normous Omelet Sandwich?

"Three full slices of crispy bacon, two slices of smokey ham and a sizzling sausage patty between two omelet eggs, two slices of American cheese and a toasted specialty bun."

No other country indulges in fat for breakfast as much as America.

Normally I skip breakfast, but when I do eat breakfast, I like to start my day off with pancakes and Vegemite.

I only ever swine and dine when I'm at an airport in the morning and doing so always makes me feel like crap.

I'm Mario in a Tanooki suit and the Sausage McMuffin is Down+B.

When I visited Japan last year, hotels offered traditional Japanese breakfast food in addition to comfort food for tourists.

On one hand: grilled fish, fresh fruit, hot soup, steamed rice, steamed rolls.

On the other: fried pork, fried eggs, fried hash browns, fried doughnuts, fried omelettes with meat and cheese.

They go together like ra-ma la-ma la-ma ka-ding-a ka-ding-a dong.

Carl Everett:

Just because I've seen [dinosaurs] in movies doesn't mean that they existed. They can make dinosaur bones just like they make dinosaurs for movies. [source]

Evidently, this year, it's the White Sox that are idiots.

On my way back from Hyde Park yesterday, the bus caught on fire.