The center of the earth is the end of the world


2. I tried writing a sketch about Domino Harvey at Bounty Hunters Anonymous

"My name is Domino Harvey, and I'm a bounty hunter."
"Hi, Domino."

but couldn't sustain the premise.

The plan was to populate the BHA meeting with other notable bounty hunters — Boba Fett, Dog, Brisco County Jr.

It sounded better in my head than in Notepad.

3. Sometimes I wonder if I lose international readers with decidedly American pop culture references.

Like, do Scottish people know who Dog is?

4. Another scrapped sketch: Bilbo Begins.

5. When actor John Cusack reportedly inquired about getting tickets recently, White Sox chairman Reinsdorf rejected him. He still remembers when Cusack became the world's biggest Cubs fan during the North Siders' 2003 playoff run.

"Cusack used to be a White Sox fan," Reinsdorf said, recalling Cusack coming to the Sox 2000 playoffs. "He showed his true colors. Now that we won, someone on his behalf called my office. I wouldn't give them to him."

"…unless he gave me a pound of his flesh!"

How ironic it would be if he denied Joan Cusack access to U.S. Cellular Field.

6. Jord asked me if I thought recycling actually works.


"Am I certain that what I recycle will be recycled? No. To let that dissuade me from recycling, however, is absurd," I replied.

He responded with a condescending "Yeah, yeah…"

Excuuuse me for being concerned about Earth's dwindling landfill capacity.

7. Mick in Japan