Eatin' Crap and Smoking

World Leader Pretend with Lying in States @ Schubas, 10/31/2005
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Halloween shows are always a good time.*

When else can you witness a keyboardist made up as human werewolf strip down to pink spandex shorts and beat his crotch with a maraca while singing "Welcome to the Jungle"?**

A few years ago, I saw Our Lady Peace at the House of Blues in Los Angeles and the audience consisted heavily of fellow Canadians.

Same situation last night, only with New Orleanders.

You could say that World Leader Pretend was the Notre Dame football team and that Dick Cheney (as Satan) and overweight Prince standing beside me were Fighting Irish alumni.

The drummer kept sticking his tongue out to one side while playing.


That's all I got.

*On Halloween 2003, I saw Thursday and Thrice with Coheed and Cambria at the Palladium. Evidently unconcerned about his safety, one kid entered the pit dressed as a Rubik's Cube (wearing a large cardboard box).

**Hearing the song again reminded me of how much I love the "sha-na-na-na-na-na-na-na" part.