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Sometimes I hate being a sports fan.

Hope you enjoy playing for Houston, Reggie Bush!

On the bright side, I dig the Sun Bowl match-up between UCLA and Northwestern. My team vs. the local team. Might just spend New Year's in El Paso.

New Year's in San Francisco, however, proves difficult to pass up.

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The Lovemakers, Every Move a Picture, She Wants Revenge, Party Ben

@ Palace of Fine Arts
David Cross, Zach Galifianakis, Maria Bamford, Doug Benson, Tony Camin

@ Cobb's
Greg Proops, Patton Oswalt, Arj Barker

What's odd is that Patton stars on/in The Comedians of Comedy with Zach and Maria and Arj performs The Marijuana-Logues with Doug and Tony.

Stupid Greg Proops tearing friends apart.

I wonder how profitable a video rental store that carries only television shows would be. I've yet to find one with a reliable television library.

They all stock The Sopranos and 24, but suppose I need a copy of the second season of Sledge Hammer!, in which case not even most specialty video stores can help me.

I came across this while browsing Amazon Marketplace for a DVD:

Ultimate Warrior got his name mentioned on Bill O'Reilly last night. There was a segment on Ann Coulter and Cindy Sheehan speaking at the University of Connecticut and he had the editor of the school newspaper and a member of their Republican party on. O'Reilly was concerned there could be violence with such radical speakers. He asked if there had been any violent reaction to guest speakers in the past. the editor noted The Warrior was on campus and the scene deteriorated into violent behavior and the police had to be called the quell the disturbance. The Republican party person jumped in and said that "Ann Coulter is no Ultimate Warrior."

No, she's more of a Stephanie McMahon.

Raw on Monday night in Canada won't start until 9:30 p.m. because of TSN airing curling

Oh man… To be pre-empted by curling…

Prime time on "Canada's sports leader": curling followed by wrestling.


Monday Night Curling. Hee!

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