Beaten with a pillowcase full of batteries

In development at Spike TV:

"Big Iron," in which regular guys get the chance to operate heavy machinery.

Curb your enthusiasm…

Sci Fi Channel has acquired off-network airings of the daytime drama series "Passions."

"'Passions' dramatic blend of magic, romance, the supernatural and fantasy makes it an ideal choice for Sci Fi's morning line up."

Considering most of Sci Fi's programming, a soap opera isn't much of a stretch.

The only "Passions" footage I've ever seen was during a commercial for some "Passions" natural disaster event.

No one told me there was magic and fantasy! Shit… What have I been missing?

passions is fucked up
there was a monkey
and like a creepy midget man/kid
a really fucked up soap opera

sounds like trapped in the closet
they're similar

Premiering in March on FX:

"Black, White"
A six-part documentary series about two families — the Sparkses, a black family from Atlanta, and the Wurgels, a Caucasian family from Santa Monica, California — who share a home in Tarzana, California, during which Oscar-nominated makeup effects artist Keith VanderLaan makes the Sparks family appear white and the Wurgels appear black.

I smell ratings!

Best Movie Villain 05 nominees
Peter Stormare (as Satan) — Constantine
Jin-tae Yu (as Lee Woo-jin) — Oldboy
Ian McDiarmid (as Supreme Chancellor Palpatine) — Revenge of the Sith
Joe Soares (as Canadian Wheelchair Rugby Coach) — Murderball
William Hurt (as Richie Cusack) — A History of Violence