Tales from the punchbowl

My new year's resolution? 1024×768.

Watched five more hours of Degrassi today.

Once again, my father joined me for a few episodes.

"I thought Craig married Ash."
"No, and this is an older episode."
"He's the homosexual, right?"
"No, that's Marco."

I had a dream.

I dreamt I was at a dinner party.

I surveyed the food and saw Boxcar Racer B-sides.

Then I asked the host about a particular dish.

"What's this?"
"Cranberries and semen."
"Ah. I see… The cranberries mask the taste of the semen."

During the Fiesta Bowl, I saw a Notre Dame fan holding a sign that read "Anti-Buckeye Catholic."


I'm-a attend a football game in South Bend next year with a sign that reads "Anti-Irish Protestant."

Did you know gallaudet was undefeated in football this year
The deaf university

well, who do they play?
wheelchair u?

Duke forfeited
Those fucking pussies
Didn't wanna lose to some deaf people

With a 1-10 overall record, I wouldn't want to lose to some deaf people either.