Goth Cab For Cutie

Adam Brody is set to executive produce a new drama series about a world overrun by vampires. The project revolves around a rookie cop who joins a special unit of the L.A.P.D. that tracks the vampire population.

Why am I not surprised that Seth Cohen would champion a show about a special vampire unit?

Later this year, Spike TV will debut a television version of Blade, a la Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

I'm still waiting for a television series about zombies.

Vampires are so overrated. What do they do? Suck blood? Count numbers?

Zombies EAT PEOPLE, and they aren't afraid of [shiver] sunlight and garlic.

Ever wonder what would happen if a vampire bit a zombie? Technically, the zombie would become a vampire, but vampires and zombies are both undead humans who prey orally on the living.

Would the zombie just acquire the ability to turn into a bat?

Would a vampire even bite the zombie? Are necrophilic vampires possible?

What's he building in there?