Dumb as paint

During high school, the school district decided to remodel our campus.

I'm all for modernizing facilities, but I cringed and still cringe over the color scheme this remodel involved.

Black, tan and sienna buildings turned…

powder blue and mauve.

The school looks like a hospital.

Without question, the worst cosmetic faux pas is the gymnasium.

The gym was painted blue. I repeat, the gym is BLUE.

If Violet Beauregarde and Paul Giamatti's character in Big Fat Liar taught us anything, it's that cream-colored things look ridiculous when blue.

My elementary school completed its remodel last year.

Brown and cream buildings turned…

pistachio and purple.

Note the two marked doors.

What separates the men from the boys? 20 feet.

I know, I'm a shitty photographer.