Lights and Sounds

Kaiju Shakedown reviewed Zinda, the Bollywood remake of Oldboy.

"So what are the differences? First of all, Gupta seemed to feel that samurai sword fighting was an essential piece of the movie that Park Chan-Wook had missed."

"Gupta feels it's important to start off with Sanjay drunk, like Choi Min-Shik in OLDBOY, but then he needs to show us that actually Sanjay, for complicated reasons we never really learn, is merely pretending to be drunk. Then Sanjay is abducted (we later learn that he is knocked unconscious after being shot with a crossbow by a guy in a party boat)."

To be fair, Bollywood Oldboy doesn't sound that much more absurd than Oldboy director Park Chan-Wook's next film: I'm a Cyborg, But It's OK.

"The story of a young girl in a mental asylum who believes she is a combat cyborg and falls in love with a boy who thinks he can steal people's souls with a machine he created."

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