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The Screening Exchange Proudly Invites You To An Exclusive Movie Screening Of: "STEPPIN' OUT: SAVE THE LAST DANCE 2"

Normally I loathe "electric boogaloo" jokes, but this movie deserves one.

Save the Last Dance? Are you kidding me?

Direct-to-video sequels are by no means new, but only recently have studios aggressively pursued them beyond animated, horror and sci-fi franchises, capitalizing on consumer indiscrimination.

If: Americans love buying DVDs
and: we're more inclined to buy a product with a name we recognize
then: Carlito's Way: Rise to Power, Single White Female 2: The Psycho, 8MM 2, American Pie Presents: Band Camp, 8 Seconds 2, The Butterfly Effect 2, House Party 5, Hollow Man 2, The Sandlot 2, Dr. Dolittle 3 and, of course, Steppin' Out: Save the Last Dance 2

Unnecessary? Absolutely. But they sell!

"American Pie Presents: Band Camp was the most popular DVD purchase during the week ended January 1." [source]

"As of Oct. 5, Carlito's Way: Rise to Power ranked No. 3 in overall DVD sales at Best Buy, topping Lost and Desperate Housewives." [source]

"'There is an increasing desire for these products,' says Tom Siegrist, VP of production for Fox Home Entertainment Productions." [source]

I don't think it's desire insomuch as it is indifference. No one desired a sequel to Save the Last Dance, but people will watch one because it's something to watch.

Sequels borne out of apathy — twisted business.

Actual ad on Daily Kos:

Haha. "A date with Dateline…and the cops!"

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