Cilantro robot in my dreams

Disney aired 9 1/2 hours of Super Bowl pregame programming on Sunday, starting at 10 a.m. on ESPN and bleeding over to ABC in the afternoon.

Disney also owns 40% of E!, best known for its red carpet coverage.

Something tells me Disney shareholders prefer foreplay to actual sex.

I call bullshit on the "flawless" and "intense" episode of Grey's Anatomy after the Super Bowl.

The writer, apparently, looked to Impostor for inspiration.

He's a WWII enthusiast with a bomb in his ribcage? He accidentally shot himself with a homemade bazooka? Christina Ricci stuck her hand inside his chest to slow the bleeding?

I'm gonna start using "code black" to describe baffling creative missteps.

John Cho as an asphyxiophiliac on House — code black situation.

Peckish Americans to Super Size Super Bowl
You never know when stock photographs of popcorn will come in handy.