Great Scott

Barney, Neil Patrick Harris' character on the (is it popular?) sitcom How I Met Your Mother, has a blog.

Excerpts from this week's entry "Brocabulary Lesson":

It's called "bro-ing out." It's akin to a "girls' night out."

The bro who accompanied me on my personal bro-ings on about town this weekend? Actually a chick. A smoking hot chick. Unorthodox, but surprisingly enjoyable. And yes, I totally broned her.

Encyclopedia Brotannica – Barney's Guide to Bronunciation
(Selected entries)

The P-L-Bro
A group of bros occupying the same brocation as your own brommunity.

1. A utopian bro-dom. 2. A strip club.

CBS paid someone to write this!

Fake blogs are usually satiric. Bored authors pose through prose for shits and giggles.

Ha ha. Jim Tressel being outrageous.

Barney's blog, on the other hand, plays it straight. What results is basically sitcom dialogue in blog form. When delivered by Neil Patrick Harris, Barney's blog entries might elicit laughter, but in print, they're just lame.

I'd totally read Doogie Howser's blog though.

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