The Squip in the Male

Apparently, I don't discuss music enough, so let's discuss music…in the context of 24! Speaking of which, RoboCop joins the cast next week.

But I digress.

On Sunday, Kiefer Sutherland visited the Observer's Record Doctor.

The Patient [Sutherland] was most impressed by the Futureheads: 'They have an energy that grabbed me. "Hounds of Love"s dramatic vocals and riffs got me straight away, and 'Decent Days and Nights' is a hectic punk tune. They're the refreshing antithesis of manufactured pop.'

While they will never be the Clash, Babyshambles made the Patient want to 'check out more of their music' on account of the line 'why would you pay to see me in a cage?'

'I like the Coldplay album a lot. Does that make me sound dated?'

Interesting read.

Sunday night, I caught the documentary trio of "The 750 Pound Man," "It's Not Easy Being a Wolf Boy," and "The Man Whose Arms Exploded" on the Learning Channel, during which time commercials aired for a TLC series called Little People, Big Dreams.

Not that I don't enjoy sideshow stories, but this is the type of stuff you learn about on Maury.

Of course, the History Channel seems to believe that time began and ended with World War II, so…

Monday night, I caught Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls on Cartoon Network.

Why is Cartoon Network airing live-action movies? — in primetime, no less!

It's not like "the CN" (eh?) has a shortage of cartoons. See: Boomerang.

If Cartoon Network must air live-action programming, why not some Learning Channel documentaries? They'd fit right in.

Tonight on Cartoon Network:
Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends followed by
My Gym Partner's a Monkey and
"The 750 Pound Man."

As if sister station TBS didn't already edit down the rhino scene in When Nature Calls, Cartoon Network edited the scene down even more. The fan breaks, fade to commercial.

That's the funniest scene in the movie!


5. A Doom that isn't a huge turd
2005, Directed by Paul Verhoeven or John Carpenter

So what happened?

The Chicago Cubs, that's what. The Cubs haven't won a World Series since 1908. Why? Because Cub fans sell out Wrigley Field every game, regardless of how bad the team is. Management makes money regardless of whether or not the team is winning, so why bother?

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