Man is a monkey, men more so

In Australia, WWE shows move from Fox 8 to the Main Event Channel due to Fox 8 doing a two week long 24/7 Simpsons marathon.

Holy shit! 672 straight episodes of The Simpsons? That's almost every existing episode twice.

Did you know that Grand Theft Auto 3 and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas are banned in Australia?

They're banned in a whole continent!

What continent does Hawaii belong to? It sounds weird to classify Hawaii as part of North America, but if it's not part of North America, then what continent is it a part of?

In Canada, Hawaii belongs to Oceania, but Oceania is not a continent taught in America. We subscribe to the continent of Australia, to which Hawaii and (in some interpretations) New Zealand, do not belong.

Is or is not New Zealand part of the continent of Australia?

Can a country be exempt from continent status?

Of course, in Canada, New Zealand belongs to Oceania.

Remember the kids in school who had to form a group together because no one wanted to form a group with them? That's Oceania.

You may have heard the whispers of a "24" movie? Apparently Bruce Willis mentioned to Kief that he'd be keen to cameo. [source]

Despite Fox's denial of a movie or a Willis cameo, the news is intriguing.

Jack Bauer AND John McClane? All that's missing is Chopper.

Lil' Kim: Countdown to Lockdown premieres March 9 on BET. Follow her as she prepares for incarceration.


Why do people continue to give Lil' Kim attention? She's as worthless to society as Paris Hilton. I mean, her claim to fame is an exposed boob.

Sure, she can rap, but do you know anyone who owns a Lil' Kim record? I can't even name a Lil' Kim song!

This just in: Jailed rap star Lil' Kim is reportedly terrified that her breast implants are leaking and is desperately seeking medical attention.

Desperately. Seeking. Attention.

In recent weeks, I caught two separate episodes of Ellen DeGeneres' talk show in which she gave away a Quizno's.

Yes, she gave two audience members their very own chain sandwich restaurant franchise.

A lady from New Orleans lost everything because of Hurricane Katrina, and Ellen gave her a fuckin' Quizno's.

This has to be the least practical promotional giveaway ever conceived.

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