Soggy Biscuit

I bet J.J. is one "blue" devil right now.

All that was missing from yesterday's ridiculous "full circle" (jerk) on the networks of ESPN was Tim McCarver.

Note to self: Redick listens to a lot of gospel music and wants Heath Ledger to play him in a movie.

I dunno what's more unbearable: DSPN or USCSPN. Either way, Bristol will continue to ignore my beloved Bruins.

Speaking of which…

Pac-10 champs, baby!

Only one conference team that we didn't beat this season. I want another shot against Washington next Saturday at Staples and I'm sure Husky fans would like a threematch too.

This'll be a fun little rivalry for years to come (cough, Mike Jensen is a tool, cough).

I wonder if Duke Vitale consoled himself with frozen pizza.