Not so much the people in the audience as the people sitting in my mind

Who would win in a fight:

Broken Social Scene1

or the Wu-Tang Clan?

Is this a trick question?


Look at the pictures. A bunch of black guys from Staten Island who named themselves after the martial arts capital of China vs. some pasty Canadian hipsters on a label called "Arts & Crafts," one of whom is holding a pink bicycle? No contest!

Broken Social Scene outnumbers the Wu-Tang Clan though by more than two-to-one2. Even BSS' condensed touring line-up3 outnumbers the Clan.

Dude, Kevin and Brendan could recruit Todd Bertuzzi and I'd still pick the Wu-Tang Clan to win. Hell, Ol' Dirty Bastard's corpse could probably beat Broken Social Scene in a fight4.

I think you underestimate the potential ferocity of our indie rock collective.

To which I say:

1 the guy in the red second from the right looks like ron burgundy
2 the liner notes for the group's last record list 19 members
3 wikipedia lists 10 members
4 i'd pay money to see his corpse maul leslie feist