Saying Sorry

After hours at The Dot: The former born-again Christian kisses the former lesbian in the heat of the moment.

Knowing the writers, Spinner will probably mend fences with Darcy in the next episode. Meh.

Of the twelve Degrassi minis produced for, four are "what if?" fantasy episodes with no premiere dates yet.

What if Liberty was Paige and Paige was Liberty?

What if Emma was Jay and Jay was Emma?

Emma as Jay looks like Britney Spears. Crazy how much Miriam McDonald has changed in appearance since season one. Cassie Steele too.

Howie Mandel is quite possibly the most frightening game show host I've ever seen, even more so than Gene Rayburn or Pat Sajak. If you don't think Pat Sajak is frightening, tile an image of his face as your computer wallpaper.

This man created Bobby's World!

He looks like Lex Luthor mated with a pirate.

free throw line
ESPN announcer Mike Patrick has Asian eyes.

'My Name Is Earl' DVD to feature mini-episode with 'Family Guy' character