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When E/N ruled the internet, I'd see the same profile on E/N web sites:
"Likes: girls. Dislikes: hypocrisy."

I remember thinking, "Who likes hypocrisy?"

Could these insecure (likes: girls?) teenage webmasters possibly attack an easier target?

Name: Jon Yu
Age: 23
Likes: girls, boobies, cunnilingus, vaginal intercourse, human conception
Dislikes: corruption, pollution, boredom, commuter delays, leukemia

A 19 and 17 year old from Arizona, have been offered a plea deal which requires no jail time and virtually no penalty for crimes they admitted to committing. What were these crimes?

As counselors at a boys camp, the 19 and 17 year old punished 18 11-14 year old boys by making them lay face down on their bed, in front of all the other boys, and shoving a broomstick into their anus through their pants.

The 19 year old, Ryan Bennett, is none other than the son of Arizona's Senate President, Ken Bennett, a Republican who is part of the effort to ban equal rights for same-sex couples in the state, viewing same-sex relationships as immoral.

After his son's admission, Bennett wrote a letter to the D.A. handling the case informing her that his son could not rightfully serve time in jail, because he is prepared to leave the country on a mission — to teach the word of Christ to youth around the world.


A Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole

I have never encountered a more loathsome character in print fiction than Ignatius J. Reilly. The way my journalist buddy Jose felt about Stephen Glass while watching Shattered Glass ("I wanted to throw my shoe at the screen!") is how I felt about Ignatius while reading A Confederacy of Dunces. I wanted to throw my shoe at him.

Before Paramount cancelled its planned film adaptation of Dunces, purists complained about Will Ferrell playing Ignatius. Ferrell may not fit Ignatius' physical profile, but I wouldn't oppose seeing him lead a negro workers' revolt or sell hot dogs dressed as a pirate or fuck a rubber glove repeatedly. Personally, I picture Ignatius as an adult Stewie Griffin.

Producers also cast Mos Def as Jones. Flavor Flav is a better match.

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