A Confederacy of Dunces

Kellie. Pickler. is. getting. away. with. murder.

Stupid bitch admits to butchering her song and yet remains in the top three? Oh but she said she was sorry…

The prevailing wisdom in our country is that presidential elections are decided in the South. Pundits love to shout that the last three Democratic presidents have come from the South, and that a Northerner cannot attract Southern voters.

I mention this because more Americans vote for an American Idol than voted for a president in 2004, and all four previous American Idols were Southerners.

Kelly Clarkson (Texas)
Ruben Studdard (Alabama)
Fantasia Barrino (North Carolina)
Carrie Underwood (Oklahoma)1

Unless Katharine McPhee runs the table, this year's American Idol will also be a Southerner.

Why does America oppose an Idol from outside the South? I don't understand…

All four previous Idol runners-up were Southerners too.

Justin Guarini (Georgia)
Clay Aiken (North Carolina)
Diana DeGarmo (Georgia)
Bo Bice (Alabama)

In a perfect world, Katharine fans would protest the projected coronation of the dude who sang Creed, if just because he sang Creed.

"Not my Idol!"
"Chris step down!"

1 The five tribal governments of the Indian Territory, which became Oklahoma in 1907, mainly supported the South during the Civil War.