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24: Someone in the casting department loves RoboCop.

Christopher Henderson = Peter Weller = RoboCop
Vice President Hal Gardner = Ray Wise = Leon Nash
and introducing evil mastermind Graham = Paul McCrane = Emil Antonowsky

At this rate, I expect Jack to battle an ED-209 in the season finale.

Paul McCrane also played Dr. Romano on ER.

Dr. Romano lost an arm when he backed into the tail rotor blades of a helicopter and later died when a helicopter crashed on top of him. [source]

In RoboCop, Emil (McCrane) melts after driving his truck into a container of toxic waste. He staggers around moaning and then splatters across the front of Clarence Boddicker's speeding vehicle.

In The Blob (1988), The Blob bends Deputy Bill Briggs (McCrane) in half, backwards, and yanks him through a door window no more than a foot in diameter.

On The X-Files, Scully killed Leonard Betts (McCrane) with a defibrillator.

I'll be disappointed if Mr. Graham doesn't suffer an equally entertaining demise.

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