Alcohol and Cotton Balls

The DVD set of the fourth season of Home Movies features commentary by Modest Mouse and The Shins. [source]

'Tis a way cooler collaboration than DangerDoom in my opinion, especially considering neither band had any involvement in season four of Home Movies.

More indie rock bands should record commentaries of television shows they like for the hell of it. I'd love to hear Band of Horses' thoughts on Instant Star.

The Killers' Brandon Flowers:

Springsteen influences songwriting on the band's fall release

When I was 23, [I fell in love with] Bruce Springsteen. And it was just — it was elation. I couldn't believe how happy his music made me and how good it was. He's a gift, and I didn't know.

We're still influenced by English rock and pop music, but we're all kind of transforming. I mean, I don't really know anything about Manchester, England. I've been there a couple of times, and I realized, 'This feels like the Smiths, but it's not me.'

Does Flowers have any legitimate musical influences?

This album is one of the best albums in the past 20 years. There's nothing that touches this album.

Spoken like someone who discovered Bruce Springsteen last year.

American Idol (Tue): I can't recall a more random setlist in series history.

George Benson
Phil Collins
Wild Cherry
Michael Bublé
Mary J. Blige
KT Tunstall
The Beatles

Whenever I read Michael Bublé's name in print, I hear "Michael Booble."