Somebody call the whambulance!

Kotaku on the O.C. mobile game:

You can play as one of the four main characters or as a new character you create, and your goal is to make yourself the most popular teenager in Newport Beach.

Choosing to read a comic book improves your attitude but reduces your coolness.

I wonder if still watching The O.C. reduces your coolness too.

Yes, that's Seth in the bottom left corner.

I like how Ryan is punching the bag in a forest green leisure suit.

Mini-Summer kind of looks like a teenage Lilo (from Lilo and Stitch).

Will Wright, what have you spawned?

For me, no life simulation game will ever top Jones in the Fast Lane. That, and Mille Bornes helped me through a rough period in elementary school.

+ TVgasm Heads to E3

Yet, the President, with his cockeyed optimism and can-do American spirit, seems to believe he can and will succeed. And he believes that much of the credit can be attributed to prayer.

Nope, I can't believe he said it either. Before you continue reading, it might be wise to clean up whatever bodily fluids you may have just excreted on your chair or desk. Seriously, it'll start to stink really bad if you wait until you're done reading this piece. Go ahead. I'll be waiting right here.

This Man Could Be North Carolina's Next State Senator

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