Collecting Our Remains

Rush Hour and X3 director Brett Ratner on Rush Hour 3:

I want Yao Ming, the basketball player, to be in it. I want to recreate the fight sequence from the Bruce Lee movie where he fights Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, but I want to do the reverse; I want Chris Tucker to fight Yao Ming. [source]

He just assumes the Chinese guy can fight.

At least Lee-Alcindor (eh?) involved an actual martial artist. Tucker-Ming sounds like a bad wrestling publicity stunt.

One more reason to see X3
he did not just say that…

I just learned about the "hamdog" today.

It's a half-pound of hamburger meat wrapped around a hot dog, which is deep-fried and served on a hoagie topped with chili, bacon, cheese, onions and a fried egg.

also a cutaway model of anal sex

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"a bacon wrapped hotdog covered in butter-fried onions, gobs of melted Velveeta and… several spoonfuls of lard"

While searching for an image of a "hamdog," I stumbled upon this.