I am Pagliacci

I want whatever Bowflex Vinnie Jones owns. Action figure results in as little as six weeks…

I can't complain too much about Ratner's interpretation of Juggernaut though, especially after Schumacher's Bane:


The actress who plays Kitty Pryde also played Mr. Lahey's daughter Treena in the second season of Trailer Park Boys.

Speaking of which, we have a release date!

Trailer Park Boys: The Movie, a prequel to the series, opens in Canada on October 6, which happens to be my birthday. :D

The movie, shot last summer, will feature the final appearance of beloved duo Cory and Trevor. Actors Cory Bowles and Michael Jackson left the cast after this past season to pursue other interests.

Despite being produced by Ivan Reitman (Ghostbusters), I doubt Trailer Park Boys: The Movie will receive a U.S. release, so now the question is: Vancouver or Windsor?