Try to remember it's only a game

Actual spam I received:

Where do I begin?

I saw posters today for a new Where's Waldo? book, the first since 1997.

Next year, the original Where's Waldo? book will celebrate its 20th anniversary. God, I feel old.

I never did find the book in the Aztec scene of Find Waldo Now!

I'm not a soccer fan by any means, but a few first round World Cup match-ups intrigue me.

Mexico vs. Iran (Jun 11)
A bizarro battle — in Nuremberg, of all places. Franken-Stadion was a marching area for the Hitler Youth.

France vs. Switzerland (Jun 13)
Good to see the two countries finally invading Deutschland to fight.

Germany vs. Poland (Jun 14)
Like Yanks vs. Sox with a higher body count.

Australia vs. Japan (Jun 12)
Brazil vs. Australia (Jun 18)
Japan vs. Brazil (Jun 22)
Never mind that I adore all three countries…

Japan hired a Brazilian soccer legend to coach.

Australia has never scored a World Cup goal, and has played in just one previous Cup, 32 years ago in Germany.

Brazil. is. soccer.

file under: WTF
The actor who plays President Logan on 24 wrote a poem about season five.