Entropy and Irony

I received this fortune cookie fortune at dinner tonight:

Each day begins in darkness; don't overvalue the light.

Reads more like a Joy Division lyric than a fortune, but I suppose it's fitting.

Despite never having met either of them before, my father's cousin and her daughter were both surprised that I smiled in the group photos we shot.


Yesterday, I mentioned that my father's cousin handpicked a wallet for me embossed with gold mermaids. Turns out she had gold mermaids custom-embossed on the wallet.

J-Ram and I:
so currently we have a pool going about how many posts in which you're going to mention jj reddick getting arrested
i called 3

me, the [WankerCounty] guys
a pool? really?
i made it up

i see
so it's just you


related: "It is a well-known fact that [J.J. Redick] likes to piss on the ladies."

Nintendo announces DS series called 'Common Sense Training for Adults'
"The software is targeted at 'men and women, young and old who still have something to learn.'"

Google buys a city
"Many [city] officials said they could not comment on the project because they signed confidentiality agreements."

24 may head to the Big Apple next season
"We are in conversations about shooting some stuff in New York."

Who knew that housewives loved Alice Walker so much?