The Bench

An affectionate but poor variation on The Dugout.

FullBlownWade: Well, well, well… Look who it is! Ist das nicht ein LOSER? Ya das ist ein LOSER!
**OnlineHost** FullBlownWade has fallen down.
Terry Godfather: Gee, Dirk, what are we gonna do tonight?
DirkaDirkaDirka: The same thing we do every night, Terry…
donis the monis: How's Miami treatin' ya, boys? You know, I'm from here. Yup, playin' for a championship in mah hometown.
NDBus313: What the hell, dude! That's my shtick!
donis the monis: Oh? Is that a man law? Let me enjoy my 15 minutes in the sun. I mean, really… Who the fuck am I? Udonis Haslem? Who?
**OnlineHost** SteelerNoDeal has joined the chatroom.
SteelerNoDeal: Hey, Bus.
NDBus313: Jesus Christ, Ben, put a helmet on!
SteelerNoDeal: Yeah, yeah…
NDBus313: No, I'm serious! Who did your surgery? Muhammad Ali?
Notch Johnson: Quack, quack!