The Bench

An affectionate but poor variation on The Dugout.

Hail Payton: And that's why we don't feed the dog people food!
FullBlownWade: Haha.
wHiTeHotStUnTa: YOOOOOOOOOO wads poppin niggaz? exited about tonite?
FullBlownWade: Dude, Jason, cut that shit out already! You're 30 years old! You have kids!
Hail Payton: It's like you're trapped in a mid-life crisis.
**OnlineHost** Celtic4Lyfe has joined the chatroom.
Celtic4Lyfe: Hey, guys.
Celtic4Lyfe: Hello?
Celtic4Lyfe: Where you all go?
Celtic4Lyfe: 's aight. I'll just talk to Antoine.
Celtic4Lyfe: Only six points in game five, yo. Disappointing.
Celtic4Lyfe: Well, if the refs didn't keep calling fouls on Antoine, Antoine coulda scored more threes.
Celtic4Lyfe: Don't worry. You'll dominate game six. I know it.
Celtic4Lyfe: <3