Clown Baby

Trey Parker on the South Park episode(s) mocking Family Guy:

The day after that episode aired, we got flowers from "The Simpsons." We got calls from "King of the Hill" saying we were doing God's work. [source]

Speaking of animated series that plummeted into mediocrity, check out the sweet box art for the fourth season of Sealab 2021.

A shrewd contemporary art museum would curate an exhibit of box art for [adult swim] DVD releases.

Anyone else seen this television ad that markets A Scanner Darkly as a comedy?

"'Extremely funny!' (London Times)"
"'Linklater's funniest movie in years!' (Salon)"

Yes, a cautionary tale about drug addiction, paranoia and institutional treachery in a police state — hilarious!

It's sporadically amusing at best.