My Carcinogeneration

An alleged 24 insider posted the following on a message board I frequent:

So I had a peek at a small portion of the first [sixth season] eps. script.

First eps is 6am to 7am. Buchanan is negotiating with 'Fayed' to get info on 'Assad'. Fayed trades info for custody of Jack. When he gets Jack he proceeds to torture him for what Jack had done to his brother.

Fayed 'admires the Chinese handiwork', the many scars on Jack's torso, and his burned and scarred hands.

Turns out 'Assad' is actually a good guy and 'Fayed' made it look like he was a baddie so CTU would kill him. He tells this to Jack before he kills him, then steps out to take a call. Big mistake.

Jack attacks the lone guard by biting his throat open.


I suppose that's one way to top last season's thighs of doom.

If Bauer's gonna bite someone's neck though, sometime during the season, he's gotta ask: "What, you don't like rice? Tell me, how could a billion Chinese people be wrong?"

Fox will premiere a dramedy this fall called Standoff, about a workplace relationship in the FBI's Crisis Negotiation Unit (CNU).

Yup, CNU.

I've never particularly enjoyed entertainment involving negotiators. Talking is just not very compelling heroism. Negotiations never end well either, further deflating a negotiator's heroics.

What was GSN thinking when it filled its primetime schedule with repeats of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, Greed and The Weakest Link?

Trivia shows died out for a reason.

+ "Great film criticism has been devoured by its ugly kid sister, the film review…"
+ odd choices for tattoos
+ uhhhhhhhhhhhh…