It is maddening when the court lets guilty criminals go free

Blah blah blah Ninja Turtles trailer blah.

Oooh… Tough call.

I should note that most homes in Seattle don't have air conditioning.

I saw Spun at the Neptune.

How would you rather drive home at night: with high beams on or without headlights on?

That was the question I struggled with Saturday night. I somehow turned my car's high beams on and couldn't figure out how to switch back to regular headlights.

After a while, it seemed like every car in sight was flashing lights at me.

embarrassing ways to die:
1. heat
2. airbag

I heard a song on KMEL I wanted to discuss but can't for the life of me locate its artist and title. Just know that it earnestly repeats the line "your love is like cocaine" multiple times.

Silly hip-hop artists…

Speaking of UM [Miami] hoops, we hear Canes folks are steamed that other schools — including one in the ACC — have been negative-recruiting against them, pointing out low crowds at the Convocation Center.

Determined to change that, coach Frank Haith says UM is hiring a marketing firm to create more of an ACC-type atmosphere at home games. [source]

Might I suggest the firm that handles the Cubs?

If bribing couldn't increase attendance though, I'm not sure anything besides winning will. Shoulda thought about that before joining the freakin' ACC!

+ Thomas Pynchon's first novel in nearly a decade is coming out in December
Do you have tickets for THIS, Alex Smith? HUH?

+ Ducktown
For you, Al.

+ Words of wisdom from JBL
On whether or not Batista giving up the title due to injury was the right thing to do: "Right thing, my pigeon toed ass! You think that's admirable? CUT AND RUN! You sound like Nancy Pelosi."