Junk Food

I was so bored in class today, I escaped to the SkyMall catalog web site.

Notable findings:

faux artichokes in a box
"Effortlessly elegant and definitely 'now.'"

hawaiian shirt rug
That's the ugliest Hawaiian shirt I've ever seen.

glow-in-the-dark tree faces

poshair sleeping bag
It may be comfortable, but it looks ridiculous.

giant lighter
Where were these during the filming of Withnail and I?

remote controlled shark

robotic velociraptor

butter dispenser
"From my kitchen to yours, y'all!"

Sadly, class ended before I could browse The Sharper Image, the worldwide leader in useless crap.

I've been mocking its personal cooling system for years now.

The Price Is Right should assemble a showcase containing only SkyMall products to fuck with contestants.

"Rock the beach in style with your very own…REMOTE CONTROLLED SHARK!"

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