Inquiring Minds

Craigslist is amazing.

I could offer genital herpes and probably still receive 25 replies within an hour.

Of course, Craigslist doesn't screen users, so questionable e-mails inevitably plague your inbox.

Shall we?


i want it all xxx xxx xxxx call asap  thanx renaldo


My ad didn't mention my name.

Is "renaldo" the new "whom it may concern"?

I was wondering if you still had the bed and the dresser still available? They are for my brother who has Downs Syndrome.

i am a newly single mom, my job doesn't start till next month, and my 12 year son has no furniture in his little room, sleeping on a painfully old hideabed.

I have become the foster Mom to three brothers and am trying desperately to gather some items for their new room.

Cry me a river.

We could take also take the bookcase and dresser for future use as we plan to buy a house in the next couple years. We have unlimited storage space right now but only a two bedroom apartment to live in.


We are ready to adopt a baby! If you know of an expectant mother who is looking for a loving adoptive family, please tell her about us!
Mark & Heather

Somebody grab a Smarte Carte; this woman's got baggage…

Hi, Has the bed been taken? Thanks

Christian. Metal.

clowns321 <>

I stopped reading right there.

ME <>


That was the whole e-mail. "ME" NEEED DRESSER.

To think, White Sox fans are supposed to be the uncouth ones.

I was interested in the Door. Please let me know if it is still available and a number where I can reach you. Thank you!

The headline for my ad read: "Free twin bedframe, desk, bookcase and drawer dresser."

Because he asked though, I showed him the door.