Another senseless week with crowded thoughts and crooked teeth

The official web site for Trailer Park Boys: The Movie uploaded a larger (albeit Flash) version of the trailer.

Apparently, Alex Lifeson and Geddy Lee of Rush are recording a song for the soundtrack.

Meanwhile, the seventh season of Trailer Park Boys is currently in production.

The Forest Hills recreation facility is disguised as a civic centre in Bangor, Maine, complete with American flags, and the boys are gearing up for a model train convention hosted by hard rock icon Sebastian Bach. [source]


The Mamas and Papas founder Denny Doherty will also guest star in an episode.

What are the odds that black people on stage outnumber black people in the audience at a TV on the Radio concert?

While waiting for overpriced sushi to arrive Saturday night, I caught a bit of the Little League World Series on the restaurant's plasma television.

ESPN included a piece of trivia in the flash profiles for each batter.

For example, Japanese player Go Matsumoto's favorite food is sushi.

Oh jeez, I thought.

Go struck out, and another Japanese player stepped up to bat.

"Favorite food: rice."


I expected to read shit about tacos and burritos for the Mexican batters, but ESPN switched up the trivia.

A Mexican player's favorite athlete is Ronaldinho? No way!

Wrestler Jimmy Yang's new gimmick is that he's an Asian redneck.

It's tough not to cringe during his introductory promo.

Now that everybody must remove their shoes at airport security checkpoints, they're perfect locations for spilling scorpions.

I was driving on Highway 101 behind a truck with a ladder on top and secretly hoped the ladder would break loose and impale me so I could finally end my search for a job.

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