Everything is not going to be okay

Vijay Singh is the most joyless athlete I've ever seen. I bet he beats his kids.

I'm getting an Ayn Rand vibe from ads for The Fountain, which worries me. Assuming Pi is Aronofsky's blue album and Requiem for a Dream is his Pinkerton, The Fountain looks to be his green album.

I read in the Wall Street Journal that that "Verb: It's What You Do" ad campaign actually increased physical activity among schoolchildren.

I heard an ad on the radio that equated McDonald's' Dollar Menu with "eating smart."

You know you live in a fairly wealthy area when you see a Lexus with a bumper sticker on it. This bumper sticker, no less!

In California, hybrid owners can apply for "clean air vehicle" stickers that allow them to drive in carpool lanes alone. None of the applicants, however, seem to have any aesthetic sense whatsoever. I've yet to see a hybrid that didn't look like its owner applied the stickers blindfolded.

This is a page Dateline staffers created to illustrate how a MySpace profile might be potentially dangerous.