Pizzarrhea in the Pizzeria

Today is Adam Riff™'s sixth birthday.

Our archive does not accurately reflect just how long the general public has avoided our site.

We thought we'd celebrate the beginning of our seventh(!) year of internet debauchery by reaching back seven years into the past.

Courtesy of Ogre, who, along with Spooner, led us down the path to blogging nee E/N, an Adam Riff™ exclusive:

The complete Punogre "Shit" collection!
Shit That Sucks
More Shit That Sucks
Shit That Rules
More Shit That Rules
Shit That I'm Going to Hell For

The last one always put a smile on our faces.

David Cross to guest star on Scrubs…as Tobias Fünke?
Guh. I may actually have to watch a whole episode of Scrubs now.

Conan will soon be new on Mondays too
Starting September 18.

The 20 Gayest Tag Teams in Wrestling History
I dunno… The Heart Throbs were pretty damn gay. Hell, they were fired after undressing announcer Todd Grisham during a live webcast.