The shit I'm learning about Jackass: Number Two is unreal.

+ Steve-O put a fish hook through his cheek. Bam then threw Steve-O in [open] water with sharks, using him as shark bait. Steve-O almost gets bitten by a mako shark.

+ Pontius drinks a giant glass of horse semen.

+ The guys get a make up artist make them up with old man balls and they walk around on the street with their balls hanging out.

+ They had one guy stick his penis through a glory hole with a sock on it. There was a snake on the other side and Johnny Knoxville was making the penis dance around so the snake would bite it.

+ Bam gets a penis branded on his ass.

+ Spike Jonze dresses up as an old woman whose clothes keep falling off and walks around town.

+ Steve-O chugs a beer through a beer bong in his ass.

+ They shaved their pubes and used them to make a pube beard for Ehren, who had no idea they were pubes. Some of the hairs get in his mouth and one of the guys who donated hair has crabs. Ehren then dresses up as a terrorist and takes a cab to the airport.