There are no bears in Hungary

Plan B in "Sick 2 Def":

You best ban TV if you want me to stop because I'm so heavily influenced by the things that I watch / It ain't just Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs / It's Irreversible, Baise-Moi and City of God.

I dare you to find a better handful of lyrics this year.

Adverts for The Guardian claim it's the "motion picture event of the fall."

Yeah, okay.

I will never be able to take Ashton Kutcher seriously in a dramatic role.

A job I'd love to have is receipt slasher at Costco. Do they even inspect purchases anymore?

The receipt slashers at Fry's are way nosier.

At Costco, I sampled Fruity Cheerios.

Okay, now General Mills is getting desperate, I thought.

Like pizza and pop, cereal has reached a point where it doesn't need constant innovation. Yogurt and berries are nice, but the public wasn't exactly clamoring for their addition.

Is Cap'n Crunch a pirate?

Way to make him look cool, GIF animator…

+ RiffTrax
+ James Cromwell to play Jack Bauer's father