Parents just don't understand

On the same day Jackass: Number Two opens in America, Dirty Sanchez: The Movie opens in the United Kingdom. Dirty Sanchez is MTV's British counterpart to Jackass.

Last week, I noted how unreal Jackass: Number Two sounded.

Well, Dirty Sanchez: The Movie sounds even more unreal:

+ The BBFC recommended that a sequence featuring a man sucking excrement from the anus of a live rabbit would need to be removed before the film could be classified "18."

+ Pritch gets an "I Love Dainton" tattoo on his penis.

+ They place their foreskins on a frosty pole which in turn get stuck to the pole.

+ The boys moon the Kremlin and imitate the Kremlin guards which gets them arrested.

+ Panch gets his tongue stapled to a book.

+ They superglue Pancho's nostrils shut while he sleeps.

+ Panch is taken to a liposuction clinic, where the contents of his stomach are sucked through a hose into a jar. The loser of a later challenge, Joyce has to down a shot of it.

+ Pritchard chops off the end of his little finger using a cigar cutter. Joyce then eats it.

I repeat, he eats part of his buddy's finger.

Any sequel would have to be a snuff film.