"Hi, I'm Kiefer Sutherland and-" BUFFERING

Adam's gonna be Jack Bauer circa the beginning of season two.

Tony's gonna be Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys.

Steven's gonna be the masked man who thinks he can steal people's souls from I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK.

I need a viable Halloween costume idea.

Shit like this just isn't within my means.

That I don't wear contacts complicates matters. Chet from Weird Science is out. So is Jeffrey from Project Runway 3, unless I get prescription sunglasses.

I'm leaning toward being Frank Costello from The Departed. All I need is a trench coat and a…black dildo.


Or I could be a Chipotle burrito!

Boo-Rito [Chipotle]
Chipotle Free Burrito Days [Wikipedia]
Ignignokt 12:6 [Flickr]