Gay dad always trumps slutty mom

I struggled to finish editing the first draft of Leon's guide to digital cameras.

Sample sentence:

It has been years, until recently, producers have listened to what consumers were asking, and started to upgrade into digital age.

A 21-year-old wrote that. A 21-year-old self-professed writer.

While waiting for a projector to warm up, the professor mentioned her interest in seeing the film Stranger Than Fiction, to which Leon responded, "I saw Saw III. Great psychological horror movie…"

The classroom fell silent.

As a few older students tried to figure out what Saw is, Leon rambled on about his love of psychological horror.

Then someone opined, "I think Saw III is more of a gorefest than psychological horror."

"Naw, man, it's psychological horror!" insisted Leon.

My partner, ladies and gents.