Turn off the TV on the Radio

We didn't forget; we were just busy.

The seventh Adam Riff™ December audio pastiche runs just over 90 minutes — 80 minutes of music for digital audio player holdouts, plus 12 minutes of bonus material for the rest of us. We promise no shitty indie rock, although we can't guarantee you won't hear shitty songs from other genres.

All we ask is that you listen to the whole compilation once through. Then you can do as you please with the files.


A few notes while you wait:

1. We designed the mix for gapless playback, so try to play it back gaplessly.
2. Track 25 is a web-ripped advance. We will offer a higher-quality "patch" when one leaks.
3. An M3U file is available separately. Putting it in the download folder messes with iTunes. The folder includes a PDF copy of the cover, however.

What about teh track listing?


Thursday: Disc two!