Purple Rant

Foo Fighters fans? Not down with Prince.

Excerpts from the comments section of the band's MySpace page:

» why oh why would you let prince butcher your song? i ran out of my house because i didnt want that performance to ruin the song every time i hear it.

» oh my god… he doesnt even play guitar… i cant believe he did that.. in front of the biggest TV audience of the year…

» Prince killed the song… I was like omfg hes giving the song a bad rep…

» No, I think Prince was the one who was honored to play YOUR music. I hope you made him pay you ALOT of money.

» the only people allowed to sing Best Of You are Dave Grohl and Jesus… but only if he got The Grohl's permission first.

Well, you can't say he didn't generate some controversy.