Ghetto Ways

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» Lars' open letter to the Bay Area would probably feel less calculated and disingenuous if he didn't move to Brooklyn over a year ago.

MC Lars – "White Kids Aren't Hyphy"

Apparently, Lars recorded the song exclusively for [Bay Area radio station] Live 105. Doesn't change the fact that he lives in Brooklyn.

I caught a bit of TRL today.

Rich Boy's eyes and brow… I can understand why he wears shades so much.

With shades on, however, he looks like H.R. Giger's Alien.

The resemblance is distracting.

Taco Bell's steak grilled taquitos are the shoddiest taquitos I've ever eaten. I dunno why I expected more than steak and cheese folded up in a tortilla and sliced in half.

Also, they're puny. They look like fuckin' burritos on television!