Smoke some fags and play some pool

Things I don't understand about cinemas:

• why comedic vignettes are necessary to remind people to turn off their phones
• why reminders to turn off your phone need corporate sponsors

Best Buy, Cingular, I appreciate your concern.

Last Sunday, USC men's basketball lost to then 0-14 Arizona State by 10 points.

The Trojans rebounded on Thursday against Stanford.

But first…

[Coach Tim] Floyd was addressing his team when there was a loud knock on the locker room door and USC football Coach Pete Carroll entered to offer an impromptu motivational speech.

Carroll whipped the Trojans into a frenzy, telling them about the football team's 33-game winning streak at the Coliseum that dates to 2001.

Now why would Pete Carroll return to the NFL when he can co-opt other coaches' pep talks on a whim?

At least UCLA's big man on campus actually coached basketball.


Denzel Washington visited the USC locker room after the game.

Mind you, he's a Fordham alumnus.

Other coaches treat their teams to pizza. At USC? Denzel.

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Pittsburgh forward Levon Kendall reminds me of Vanilla Ice. If only he'd shave lines into his eyebrows…

He's kind of a pretty boy for a basketball player. In Pittsburgh.

James Brown: still unburied.

He died on Christmas.