This plane is definitely crashing

The clock is ticking as the citizens prepare for Hillary Clinton's big campaign rally. Cartman suspects the new Muslim student is behind a terrorist threat. [source]

Methinks South Park's parody of 24 airs tonight.

I learned today that San Francisco has a Supervisor named Ed Jew.

Moreover, he's Chinese!

If he was a superhero and I was a villain, before escaping capture, I'd smirk and remark: "Adieu, Ed Jew!"

The trailer for Evan Almighty will debut on Thursday during a marathon of NBC's The Office. Access Hollywood will promote the trailer during both the Wednesday and Thursday editions of the show. [source]

A press release promotes Access Hollywood's promotion of a trailer promoting a movie.


The Best American Blog Posts 07 nominee:

All frustration aside, I kept at Friday the 13th. I wanted to beat it. I wanted to be that ultimate fanboy I make fun of all the time, the dude who did that thing that made those other dudes all like sick with envy and shit.

But instead I was always just a dude with lots of zits and no friends, using the vibration function on a PlayStation controller to jerk off into crusty socks. With the discovery of ROMs and Emulators, my opportunity to use my college-educated wiles has arrived, but I'm old now, I don't give a shit, and vibrating controllers are now wireless.