Dear FBI

While I try to wrap my head around the guest list for American Idol's charity event on Wednesday — Jack Black, Mr. Bean and Borat? — plus Celine Dion's reported duet with a virtual Elvis, observe closely:

Are the kids staring at Simon's tits, his bottle of Coke or his pack of cigarettes?

At least pretend to care, man!

"Africa was ghastly!

Hard to ignore the Pitchfork Music Festival's daily token hip-hop act. Affirmative action rears its head again.

Early notes on the final season of The Wire:

» just 10 episodes
» will be the funniest season ever if you like your humor dark
» Clark Johnson will have a prominent role as the city editor of Baltimore's daily newspaper
» Clark is scheduled to direct the series finale
» the final story is built around McNulty

If Hip-Hop was The Wire then… (how did I miss this?)

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