A gold medal in the epilepsy event

While it's currently being condemned almost universally as a hideous piece of uninspired shit, the London 2012 Olympic games logo seems to be falling upon some even worse luck. As if being the ugliest logo in recent memory wasn't bad enough, it's now being attributed to causing seizures.

As the flow of complaints about the quality of the £400,000 brand gathered pace yesterday (the emblem was likened to a "broken swastika" and a "toileting monkey"), one viewer, Christopher Filmer, rang the BBC to say he suffered a seizure while watching the footage on television and his girlfriend had also suffered a fit and needed hospital treatment. "The logo came up on TV and I was thinking about the 2012 games and then I was out."

Seriously, look at that thing; it's a monster. It's Kelly Osbourne. It's Harry Osborn's face in Spider-Man 3. Are the 2012 Olympics hosting only events involving hipster dance parties full of… uh… toileting monkeys?

It amazes me that somebody was paid 400,000 pounds to piss off the world. Actually, it may turn out to be a genius marketing move in that it might have, in fact, been the only way to get anybody to give a shit about the Olympics again.

Regardless, in a city where I am constantly reminded that I am doomed to be a talentless failure in the field of graphic design, disasters such as this give me hope, and possibly also an epileptic seizure.